Why The Super Bowl Can Be A Great Date

You don’t have to be a football fanatic to enjoy the Super Bowl. It’s the only time when you actually want to watch commercials, and sports and non- sports fans can come together. Most bars will get in on the action and provide food and drink specials. Host your own party (if you have cable) and make it a fun mixer event where everyone brings a friend. Why should you take a date with you to a Super Bowl event?….

First of all, make sure this is a real date…..

You will more than likely get left in the dust by a guy who didn’t intentionally invite you to the event. He will be more invested in the game than you. Having said that, it’s a good test of how they feel about you. 

The pressure is off….

Unlike a date where it is an interview at a coffee shop, there are things going on. You don’t have to feel like you need to entertain him or work overtime to impress him. See how your date interacts with others and how passionate they are.

You won’t have time to trauma dump….

The spectacle and noise will keep you busy without a chance to overshare. This is great for people who tend to treat a first date like a therapy session. It is good practice being present and not overthinking the date. You can remain mysterious and intriguing while coming off as easy to be around. 

Drink and food specials….

Go to a bar that has drink and food specials. You are going to get hungry and want drinks anyway, so you might as well save a few bucks.

You can dress casually, but still cute….

If you are the heel whisperer, then please wear them. It isn’t expected to look decked out, but it’s a nice opportunity to look casual, yet pretty. Make more effort to do your hair and makeup instead of the outfit. It does make me think of a Y2K style where you wear jeans, but wear a cute “going out” top.

If the date goes south you can still enjoy the event….

Obviously if it’s super-dramatic then maybe not, but if you aren’t vibing, you can situate yourself elsewhere and still enjoy the game and the half-time. 

Bottom Line….

The Super Bowl is not marketed as a romantic event, which makes it easier to snag a date. I don’t think a man has ever said, “I don’t believe in the Super Bowl,” or it is “overrated.” It is easier to suss out a connection faster by seeing how you are treated at the event. He should be making sure you are having a good time, rather than having his eyes glued to the screen and not saying a word to you. Although, a distraction can be a good thing on a date where you aren’t telling him all of your dramatic woes. Practice being in your feminine energy by being in the present moment and receiving. The pressure is off to entertain and dazzle him, so you can relax and enjoy yourself.