The “Good On Paper” Date

You know the rule…good on paper, bad in bed” – Samantha Jones.

This is a specific issue that women face in dating. On the whole, a woman dates for the long-term and is willing to give a guy a chance. Versus men, who are attracted first, then see if there is anything to go off of. Why do women fall into this type of date, and what can men learn about how dating decisions are made?….

“Give him a shot”….

Society wants woman to give men a chance. This can be valid if the pattern is only being attracted to bad boy heartbreakers. With the apps, and women putting themselves out there, they are more prone to being asked out by a guy who she isn’t bursting at the seams about. 

“Ya never know”….

Can attraction really build, or is chemistry an instant feeling? I personally believe that you can build trust or see if a man is worthy of a relationship. However, chemistry and that spark is instant. So trying to wait for a spark can make a woman feel like she is settling.

Should you go on a good-on-paper date?….

It depends on your initial pattern of dating; it also depends on if you are trying to get more serious with a person rather than casual. A date with a “good on paper” guy will feel boring to you if you only do Jell-O shots and hook up in the parking lot. 

Ask yourself if you want to settle down….

Most people who encourage a good-on-paper date are well-meaning friends or your mom. They want you to snag an eligible reliable husband. Most people claim they want a long-term monogamous partner while they are out every weekend partying. Really get to the bottom of what you truly want. Most people who claim to want a stable relationship actually desire a cat-and-mouse chase and the za za zoo. 

My year of yes….

Last year, I went on every date who asked. I would say that I was only looking forward to maybe a handful. There is something to be said for having chemistry, being attracted, and intrigue. A first date should not feel like a chore; you need to look forward to it and be excited.

Don’t be bullied into a date….

This can happen to men when their mom or aunt wants to set them up with so-and-so’s daughter from the church. A forced set up is not creating a romantic vibe and you will feel like the whole date is one big favor. 

Bottom Line….

The good-on-paper date usually falls onto women. You will be mad at yourself when he doesn’t make you feel anything. He might be a successful lawyer, and owns a home, or has his sh*t together. And yet, you would rather say yes to the struggling artist who is living paycheck to paycheck. It is something to examine if you are sabotaging yourself from a long-term partner. Anyone in a toxic pattern tends to feel comfortable with the familiar, rather than what is healthy. However, I don’t think settling and making someone else happy is going to be a long lasting situation for you. Be honest to at least yourself of what you truly want out of dating. It is ok to admit you want the “will they or won’t they” passion. A hot spark might fulfill you more than sweatpants and Chinese take-out on the couch.