7 Myths About Women And Casual Dating

I wanted to break down some myths when it comes to how women navigate casual dating. It is possible to compartmentalize and not get immediately attached to men. Yes, feelings can still be hurt and egos bruised, but many are fine with doing casual if they are in that headspace. These are seven myths that I have noticed that men / people may think about women doing casual….

Myth #1: If she slept with you (men) once, it is forever on the table….

This one is a biggie. Most women are perfectly fine with leaving things as a one-night stand or fun weekend. She can easily become fickle and sweep it under the rug if the experience was not up to her standards. Or she is fine to let the experience be a one-time thing and move on. The misconception is when a woman has sex with any man she gets chemically attached to. This is not always the case.

Myth #2: She secretly wants to get a boyfriend and is playing “the cool girl”….

In certain instances, yes, this is what is going on. However, many women simply want to have fun and are not trying to lock a guy down. 

Myth #3: She can only handle a bedroom buddy….

In the majority of cases, she is mature enough to handle chilling outside of the bedroom. As long as there is clear communication and respect, she is fine to grab a beer here and there.

Myth #4: She feels bad about herself and is settling….

Some women have only known a committed relationship and need dating to be less serious. It might feel liberating to her that it won’t go anywhere and she can get a good sampling of what kind of men are really out there.

Myth #5: She is very masculine and leads with this energy, or is a “pick me chick”….

There are feminine women and even commitment-minded women who just want to have fun. There should be no shame in letting her hair down and enjoying herself. Also, it is better not to put all your eggs in one basket. 

Myth #6: She has no boundaries or self-worth….

You can certainly have boundaries and have very high self-worth and still chose to casually date. If anything, when you date casually, you need more boundaries and are mostly playing defense so you aren’t walked all over. 

Myth #7: She is only looking for a one-night stand….

Her version of casual might be she kisses men in bars or flirts in coffee shops. It does not always mean she is sleeping with every man she goes on a date with. 

Bottom Line….

Being casual can be a phase or a lifestyle, and both are perfectly fine. More women who have not gotten data on the type of men she is attracted to should try to date abundantly. She shouldn’t feel shame from having a fun night or weekend. It is a misconception that all women get chemically attached to a man after sleeping with him. Most can compartmentalize and be ok with having a friends-with-benefits where they can hang out outside the bedroom. Women are allowed to define what casual dating means to her and not be judged.