How To Nail The Karaoke Date

Is this an average date for most people?…probably not. For a lot of people it is as common as the bowling date. However, you never know when a spontaneous date might pop up. As a karaoke queen, I have seen what to do and more importantly what not to do. I watch people pretty much every week and have noticed what works for me and others. Listen, when you have this type of date, you want to impress. He should be blown away, or at least not wince when you are on stage. So, what are some tips to be your own rock star for a night?…..

Never sing “The B Sides”….

The B sides of an album back in the day were the songs that were not hits. They could still be great songs, but no one knows them. The problem with doing songs that no one knows is they might talk over it or not pay attention, or they could be spending the whole time figuring out what song it is. Stick to the hits and pick the crowd-pleasing songs.

Switch it up….

When you are a karaoke regular there will be people who show up and do the same two songs every week. This is no problem for an audience who just pops in the karaoke once a month. For the regulars, you become predictable. You can avoid this by not going to the same karaoke night and mixing it up, or make a point to sing new songs. 


I know…what? It’s karaoke. I own a portable karaoke mic and I will test the waters here and there. This is the opportunity to create a list in your notes app of what works and what doesn’t. Songs tend to shift keys and if you don’t know the song front and back it might make you fumble. I have thanked myself later for knowing what songs will work. The only downside is there might be a different version or different key that you were not anticipating. 

Know the best key….

It is good to know what songs will work with your range. Knowing the key of the song will help. For me, I thrive if the key is in C or G. For others they might do better in a higher and lower key. Keys will change in the bridge most if the time, so be aware of that. The key is indicated before the song starts. 

Don’t do ballads….

There should be a sign in every karaoke place that says “no bohemian rhapsody.” Kind of like the “no stairway” sign in the movie Wayne’s World. Honestly, long songs feel longer as an audience member. Not to say you should only do 2- min songs, but a 8-min ballad will cause the audience to get another drink or step out. 

Read the vibe….

You might find yourself in a country karaoke night. This doesn’t mean you should go rogue and sing a pop song. You sort of have to take a temperature of the room and get an overall sense of what people are singing. This could be for a younger or older crowd as well. The hardest crowd to please is early 20s people because it’s unclear to know what they want to hear. An older crowd is easier since everyone loves to hear oldies. 

Don’t dominate the list….

Depending on how crowded it is try to limit yourself to three songs max. Have it spread out through out the night so people don’t get sick of you. There will be new people coming in and some of the crowd will leave. Try to make your second song the best, meaning make it a crowd pleaser and not a slow song. The beginning and the end of the night will thin the crowd so technically you can sing whatever at that point. 

Do an unexpected song….

For anyone who can do karaoke rap songs I applaud them. My brain doesn’t work that fast. However, it’s fun to break expectations for people. They might see you a certain way and expect a certain genre. You can switch that up and impress them.


Bottom Line….

Be prepared and know your strengths is the best advice. You need to go up there with confidence. Try to avoid a group of five people just yelling and laughing. It seems fun to you, but for the audience it just is annoying. In a pinch, everyone likes oldies as long as it’s well known. Show your date that you are confident and talented. It can present a different side of you that he might not get to see with just a drink date. Who knows, karaoke might be your thing as a couple.