Halloween Dates Beyond The Pumpkin Patch

When I picture a October date I see the filtered Instagram post with the infinity scarf in a pumpkin patch. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I do think it is popular for a reason. Spooky season can bond couples more by fear. There was a study that I call the “shaky bridge study.” The control group spent a regular date together while the test group experienced walking across a shaky bridge. The result was those who felt fear and adrenalin felt more bonded than the control group. This is the season to get closer and bond. What are activities to try out?…..

Movie screenings….

Seems like a no-brainer. Most cities will have horror movie screenings. Hulu and Netflix etc have Halloween specials. You can do it old school by reaching for your old DVDs to curate your own film fest. Set the mood, light candles, get some snacks.

Cocktail Parties…..

I love a themed cocktail party. Create invitations for Goth Night. Dress code is black. Create a Spotify playlist for Goth music and keep the lighting dimmed. Create a cocktail menu with two cocktails and one non-alcoholic option for non-drinkers.

Campfire Stories….

You can also use a fireplace, or even flashlights. Gather around and prepare ghost stories to tell. Feel free to tell your own experiences or read a story from a book.

Tarot Readings….

This might require a friend who knows how to read the cards. It will go more smoothly when someone already has knowledge. You can also look up palm readings and what the lines mean. It’s a great time to touch in an innocent way.

Have a get-ready party for Halloween….

Make getting ready for a Halloween an event. The pre-game can be the best part. Make sure to have a photo setup to take all the pics for Instagram. Most of the time while out you forget to capture your costume. Play Halloween-themed music, whip up a few drinks and help each other with their costume.

Bottom Line…..

There are so many bonding activities for new couples or early dating. Get into the season by embracing the woo-woo. While watching a scary movie hide on his shoulder, grab his hand, and laugh together. You can also involve other people by hosting a ghost reading party or Goth Night party. Pre-game Halloween night with drinks and a photo session. Bond now and reap the benefits for cuffing season.