The Freak In The Streets: How To Dress Sexy For Halloween

Halloween night is the time to take risks and go a little bit more risqué with how you normally dress. You should feel free to express yourself and embody an alter ego for the night. One person’s sexy is another’s mild. As long as it is out of your comfort zone you are on the right track. How can you pull out the tricks for fright night?….

Wear a body suit….

This can actually be slimming and surprisingly conservative. You aren’t showing any skin, but it is tight against your body. It’s great for a super hero look or a skeleton. Make sure it’s not too tight so you can still dance and move. Remember to lock the bathroom door because you will have to pull the whole thing down.

Show some cleavage….

Now is the time to show off the girls. Even as a witch with a long black dress the top can be low cut. Make sure to wear a push up bra or use tape. For girls who are less endowed you can wear a plunging neckline. Just wear some pasties or bandaids.

Booty shorts….

You can wear short shorts for many costumes. It’s best to wear tights underneath even if they are nude. You don’t want to be too cold, plus your inner thighs might chaff. A fishnet stocking always looks halloweeney and appropriate.

Go glam with your makeup….

Even if you decide to go a little gorey still make it a little sexy. You should amp up your eye makeup and add long false lashes to complete the look. Watch tutorials on Youtube or go on Pinterest to get inspiration. Get some press on nails and get those claws out.

Make sure your shoes are walkable….

It seems like the time to wear eight inch heels. Unless you wear that type of shoe all the time play it save and wear a block heel or boots. I like to think of the shoe first then build a costume around it.

Shop your closet…..

Try to not wear a costume out of a bag. It might be ill fitting and expensive. Try to wear as much real clothes as you can. Go to the thrift store and you can modify clothing by cropping it or taking off sleeves etc.

Consider the weather….

Depending on where you live you might have to include a coat. It’s best to make the coat apart of the costume in cold climates. A great look can be an old Hollywood starlet with a faux coat or Cruella de Vil. In hotter climates you can get away with less clothing.

What purse to bring…..

A purse can throw off a costume. When you wear a normal bag it seems disjointed. Make sure your bag goes with your costume. Also it’s best to be hands free if possible since you will be moving around and dancing. A belt bag might work best with most costumes. Bring only the essentials and leave the huge bag at home ( unless it’s apart of the look).

Bottom Line….

Be the freak in the streets! It’s not often that you can dress however you please and experiment with heavy makeup, wigs, and nails. Even the most conservative girl can get down with a little skin showing. You should also adopt a sexy attitude and confidence. Try do a dry run with your outfit in advance and make sure everything is working. If you are a last minute gal at least try it on the night before to make sure everything fits. Be scandalous, yet comfortable. You want to be free to move, dance, and go to the bathroom. Most important is to pick a recognizable costume that shows off your assets.