How To Move On From A Twin Flame

Yes, this article is going to be woo-woo….But tis the season of spooky. I understand that most people roll their eyes when someone brings up auras or Saturn returns. I do take such things with a grain of salt, yet I couldn’t deny that I have a twin flame. I was listening to “Girls Gotta Eat” podcast and their guest was “Mystic Michaela.” She is a psychic medium and reads auras. For the first five minutes of the episode I was a little skeptical, but kept listening. Then twin flames were brought up and my jaw dropped. I realized that she was describing a person that I could never seem to get over and it was the biggest heartbreak in my life.…

So let’s break down what a twin flame is…

Michaela explains it so well. She also has her own podcast called, “Know Your Aura with Mystic Michaela.” The episode titled, “Twin flames, soul mates, and kindred spirits” really breaks it down. Basically a soul was split in half and put into different bodies. Not everyone will meet their twin flame because it goes though multiple timelines. Ending up with your twin flame is rare because of this. If you do meet your twin flame, it is a sign that your are going to change spiritually and it is a message. You will have a honeymoon phase where you can’t be apart….then…problems come up. There will be a runner and a chaser and it will not make any sense why you can’t just be together. Then you will finally separate. He might pop in and out of your life. You could run into him in the grocery store or get a random text here and there. Dreams about him will be common, especially when he is still in your life.

So… what can we do about it?….

Listening to the podcast really helped me. I finally felt validated for feeling the way I did. Unfortunately, there really isn’t anything to be done about it. It might trigger him to be around you, who knows. Either way, it will be memorable and teach many lessons from how you treat relationships going forward.

He will fade away once the lesson is learned….

You will go though angry resentful phases with him. I actually blocked him for over a year. Yet the second I decided to unblock him he sent me a text a day later. There will be a lot of yo-yo interactions where you won’t know where you stand, yet he keeps reaching out. However, he will fade out once you are healed and in a new place in your life.

Be grateful for meeting him….

I met him the worst year of my life and then my life got a lot more calm after that. Think about the situation with love and gratitude. It hurts to grow and change into better people. He could have pushed you to grow since he is your mirror. It can feel raw to look at yourself and see your worst qualities reflected back onto you.

Go though the normal break up protocol….

If it’s still fresh then yes, block, unsubscribe, and give yourself space. It’s not a good idea to tell him you are twin flames. That probably won’t go over well. Just mourn the loss and then date new people. This is very simple advice to give and it can be agony to not be able to reach out. He had been blocked, unblocked, deleted from my phone so many times. He is the reason why I needed to write about dating and hopefully prevent someone from making the same dating mistakes I did.

Only talk to spiritually woke friends about it….

Your friends who don’t get it will probably laugh at you. Keep the information private and only express it to your witchy friends. It is hard to get the skeptics to be on board with this kind of thing. You do not need to force your point of view on them. Just explain it was a rough breakup that is hard to get over.

Bottom Line….

If you have gone though it, then I feel your pain. This situation isn’t having an abusive boyfriend. All the conflict will be just confusion and frustration. If you are still in the angry phase, just be by yourself. You really do need to build a life without him. I wouldn’t advise you spending a fortune on spammy tarot readings and breaking curses. Protect yourself and just gather information. Not everyone meets their twin flame and that’s totally fine. You will not have to go though intense heartbreak and that’s good. Either way grow from it and look at it with gratitude when you are ready.