A Good Birthday Mindset

Have you ever been curious about how your friends and the guy you are seeing feel about you? Your birthday is that time (and other holidays), but mainly your birthday since it’s truly your day. As we get older our birthday pretty much becomes meaningless to others in general. You aren’t going to get party worthy of a Kardashian, but how should friends and guys you are seeing treat it?……

Friends need to acknowledge your birthday……

A text, a call, even a nice card is expected by a close long-distance friend. When your friend is living in town and chooses to do nothing….they aren’t your friend. Not saying it’s required that you be showered in gifts, but going out for a drink or two should be standard. When your zero-effort friend’s birthday rolls around, match her energy. The worst thing you can do is be the friend who doesn’t realize her friend is actually an acquaintance, and plans her an extravagant surprise party.

The guy you are dating……

Men show their true feelings on special occasions. When a man isn’t into you, he will come up with any excuse not to spend it with you. “I have to work,” “I have to study for finals,” “money is tight right now.” A man who is seriously into a girl will do everything in his power to make her day special.

Spend it with family……

Your family will be happy to buy a cake and give you a nice card. Family actually does care about your birthday!

Should you go on a first date?…..

I made the mistake of going on a back-to-back date a few birthdays ago. Not worth your time, trust me. It’s the same as a first date on Valentine’s; high risk with little reward. My dates had their own agenda of going out with me (it wasn’t to wish me a special day). On my end, I felt like I hired an actor to have fun with me.

What can you do for yourself?…..

It’s not pathetic to buy yourself flowers and a small cake. Make the day special for you, no matter how small. It’s best to not expect other people to follow though. Most of your friends have their own lives, stressful jobs, and truthfully, probably didn’t write down your birthday date in their calendar. Although, I encourage you to do a story about your birthday in Instagram. It’s a friendly reminder to have people wish you happy birthday.

Be grateful for what you have…..

Have gratitude for the people who show up and make your life special! Don’t pout that 20 people didn’t wish you a happy birthday. Enjoy your night no matter how simple. Having friends who still go all out for birthdays is rare.

Bottom Line…..

Birthdays are a barometer of who cares for you. Yes, people have lives, etc. Yet, a simple text or phone call should be expected from a close friend. In person friends should at the very least grab a few drinks with you. As far as the guy you are dating…. the proof is in the pudding. He dropping the ball is purposeful. Let him do it! Never strong-arm a man to make your birthday special. Get ahead of the day by booking a massage, hair appointment, pedicure. Do not spend your birthday with a stranger. Practice gratitude for the people in your life who love and care for you.