Don’t Sh*t Where You Eat: Dating Co-Workers

I have no personal accounts of dating a co-worker. I worked as a maid twice and was the shampoo girl at a hair salon to name a few places (not a lot of guys around). I can see the temptation of wanting to. You are spending most of your week with them and it can become a “camp hot” situation. It makes sense that work places are strict about dating, especially when one person is in a position of power. However, not every work place is professional or important for your resume. Let’s break down when it’s fine to date and when it’s not…..

First off, are you willing to see him every day if you break up?……


This is the most important to ask- how awful will it feel to see your ex- everyday in the break room?

Don’t assume it will work out- Best case you get married; worst case one of you has to quit

It might hurt your career- You will be distracted by the crush, causing you to not focus on a promotion or better position

You will dress to impress and get stressed……

When you involve a crush in the equation, you have to wake up earlier making sure your outfit is perfect and your eyeliner is on point. It’s a lot of fuss and worry for nothing. Not saying you shouldn’t look professional for work, but agonizing over an outfit adds unneeded stress to your morning.

Is this just a silly summer job?…..

Selling cotton candy at a local carnival for the summer is low stakes. Any job that isn’t a resume builder and only temporary are fine to let loose.

Is this a corporate job?……

The more serious the job, the more the need to follow the rules and act professionally. Don’t ruin your chance for more money or a better position for a dumb crush. The higher ups are always watching.

Is this an internship?……

Some internships result in real jobs. My advice is stop accepting the unpaid ones. Some companies like to exploit college kids for slave labor. Anyway, if you really think it can result in something real, then act professionally.

Be aware of the rumor mill…..

It’s best to keep drama to a minimum. Co-workers get bored at work and love to pass the time by gossiping. Don’t be the girl who flirts with everyone; it looks immature.

What happens when you match with a co-worker on a dating app?…..

You will probably come across a co-worker or two on the apps. Try your best to swipe left, yet a slip of the finger happens. On bumble, don’t reach out; let it expire. On the other apps, see how he reacts or reaches out. Could have been a mistake on his part as well. When you are quick-swiping a familiar face, you will swipe right. Don’t bring it up when you return to work.

Bottom Line……

It’s a good idea to keep certain parts of your life separate. Think about how it will affect you moving forward in your career. However, low-stakes summer jobs, or non-resume builder jobs are okay to let your guard down a little. Just don’t spend more than a summer or few months on the non-resume building jobs. You can waste years on temp jobs that don’t move you forward. When you get a professional job don’t get distracted by a crush. You need to keep your eye on the prize to make more money or move up.