Why You Shouldn’t Lead With Your Spirituality

There will be sweeping judgments based on your dating profiles. Psychologically, this is a shortcut for making a person feel safe. In dating, an insignificant interest can develop into a red flag, or worst case, a way to be conned. Spirituality falls under this category and a person can be judged unfairly for it. I am a spiritual person and discovered that it does me no favors to advertise. Play it safe by skipping any religion section on the apps (unless you are in fact religious such as Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, etc). Why is being “not religious, but spiritual” a target for f*ckboys and con artists?…..

Spirituality implies you have no boundaries…..

Users and narcissists love people with zero boundaries; easy targets are their bread and butter. The hippy-dippy way of life seems chill and carefree, but strategic users like to take advantage of pure hearts and kindness.

It makes them think you are all about “free love”…..

Nothing wrong with free love, hooking up, experimenting. However, when you are being blocked from ever getting a serious relationship, it stings. It should be your choice to hook up versus guys only wanting to hook up.

Men will tune you out….

When you start to say things like, “well, my moon is in Gemini, so I have two sides to my personality”…..all the men in the room hear white noise. It’s like when a guy corners you about his NFL fake draft thing.

Ask yourself how important is it?…..

Are you getting your tarot read every week and know every name and function of a crystal? Or do you read your horoscope once a month and that’s it. When the app says, “spiritual” everyone will leap to you having a strong interest.

Bottom Line…..

Your dating apps should be constantly rebranding; same with how you act on dates. You have to keep in mind that it takes two blinks to determine interest. The first impression for men is visual, so looking hot and normal is your best bet. However, if you are making money off being spiritual, such running a tarot business or working as an astrologer, then own it! Who cares about how guys feel; you can dry your tears with dollar bills.