Never Accept A First Date On Valentine’s Day

As a chronically single person, I have learned that certain holidays need to be scheduled in advance. When you are unprepared it’s easy to get stuck into your own agenda of being desperate. Valentine’s Day is a huge reminder that you are single. However, you have to remember it is just a day, and with proper planning you can avoid rookie mistakes. The biggest one is to never accept a first date on Valentine’s Day. Here’s why……

Expectations are through the roof…..

You are dying for a meet cute love story. When a first date doesn’t go well on a regular day, it is easier to brush it off. When it doesn’t go well on Valentine’s Day, you could make rash decisions out of desperation (texting your ex or f*ckboy you swore off).

The outside world will be involved……

When you tell your friends you have a date for Valentine’s Day, they will follow up. Your gal pals will be crossing their fingers and sending good vibes. It’s harder to dodge them circling back to see how it went.

There will be more fuss……

Getting ready will be more nerve-wracking and agonizing over an outfit that might set you back an extra hour. There will probably be more time spent calming down and having an extra glass of liquid courage.

You will be surrounded by love birds…..

You could pick your location wisely and just show up at a bar. However, couples will still be out staring into each others eyes and holding hands. This can be awkward when your date is extremely lackluster.

What to do instead…..

Nail down your calendar for the week of Valentine’s Day. You could book a facial, hair appointment, or get your nails done. Then, in the evening, have a solid idea to either go out to a concert or stay home and do an activity. Best case you have a Galentine’s / Palentine’s Day. The point is to not be panicking on the day and get swayed by random guys wanting to hook up.

Bottom Line……

For singles, you need to brush up on your defense playing. It’s mainly about avoiding certain people and being rock-solid about the plans you made yourself. A first date on Valentine’s Day is too big of a risk and can have long-term consequences. Having it go poorly could mean texting your ex or getting into a negative spiral that could set you back from meeting someone great. Dating is all about mindset and it can warp your mind into reminding you that you are alone and that only couples are happy (both are not true). Make the day special for you, rather than succumbing to a late night “U up” text.