Adopting a Social Personality

When I worked my service industry jobs I adopted my “work personality”. Our society sadly does not celebrate introverts. The costumer service personality is: friendly, willing to help, and peppy. In the dating world it’s best to have a “dating personality”. And yes…I know this sounds wrong or unfair (but I should be myself!!!!). However, if you are trying to be more social and meet men off the apps some changes in your vibe need to be made. If you have moved to a new city, started your first year of college, or just want a clean slate and get a better social circle here are some ways to navigate it……

What is bubbly?…..

There is a fine line between bubbly and loud and annoying. Truthfully it comes down to how you look and tone of voice. Dressing super gaudy and vulgar will force people to perceive you as “too much”. Bubbly has a quiet confidence and is understated. She doesn’t announce herself in the room, everyone already sees her.

Flirt in a cute way…..

Keep the siren sexual flirting to the pros. It’s better to be PG and charming. As long as you are smiling and having a good time that’s all you need.

Body language…..

Yes it matters! Sit up straight and walk tall. It will feel unnatural if you are used to slumping over while you sit. Eye contact is a huge thing! Force yourself to at least stare at the forehead if eye contact is too intense.

Being snarky and sarcastic is used as armor…..

It seems cool to flick your cigarette while trash talking. Yet, it’s very masculine. I had the mindset that cool is masculine. Being feminine has more power than being “one of the guys”. Charisma and charm is your super power. Also there is nothing wrong with holding off a sour mood. When you enter a social setting listen to that mood boosting song and stop your hamster wheel thoughts from continuing.

Go with a simple nickname…..

Sometimes it’s all about branding. Certain names get misheard or confused with another name. Consider going with a short nickname or your middle name. The shorter and more clear the better. It will ease your mind with introductions and your won’t get the dreaded, “sorry, what’s your name again?”

Self love isn’t just a buzzword…..

It’s an act of rebellion to love yourself. Our society encourages us to hate ourselves so we spend money on products. It’s all about your vibes and aura in social settings. A smile and eye contact goes a long way. Positivity moves you forward and negativity will put up a wall.

Bottom Line……

Do certain personalities prevail in dating and social settings? Yes!….It’s not about changing yourself or interests. You can still be an introvert, but practice being present. Eye contact and smiling while being apart of the conversation is all people want. They want to be heard and listened to. Introductions can be stressful when you have a confusing name. Decide if it’s better to go by a nickname or a middle name. Bubbly should be the goal for how you are perceived. Complaining and being an energy vampire will push people away. Breezy, light, fun, and sweet should be the adjectives that everyone describes you.