Dating Resolutions Part 2

It’s that time of year for the big refresh! Welcome the change by writing down goals to work toward. Unfortunately, this year is starting out on shaky ground. With the variants and rapidly growing Covid cases there is too much uncertainty. Be safe, and use your best judgment. Having said that, how can we ring in the new year with good vibes?….

Build up your friend circle…..

You need different tiers of friends: fun friends, besties, and meme-sharing pals. Understand that your friends are not a matchmaking service. However, when placed in the right environment an introduction sometime can unfold. Unless they are offering a set up, then don’t expect them to find you your husband. Use friends to enjoy yourself and expand your circle further.

Mindset shifts…..

Your perception of the world starts with you; reality is your own mindset. Could be a good time to reflect or start therapy. Consider a dating coach for an ongoing problem, or a confidence coach.

Level Up….

Clean out your closet. Do a “try-on party” with a friend or solo. Watch fashion channels on YouTube to get up-to-date information on new trends or what styles have expired. Overall, think more streamlined and keep away from wacky patterns.

Understand your energy barometer….

Some people are morning birds, some are night owls. Figure out where your mental peak is. This can correlate to dates as well as being productive. Yes, day dates can be boring or not romantic, however yawning at 8pm will not give a great first impression. With Covid a traditional time for a date might be flipped on it’s head. Be prepared to be flexible with more walking and FaceTime dates.

Prioritize the right men…..

You probably have a lot of men standing in the wings. I would guess most men that hit you up every few months don’t want to actually date you. Cut the fat on the time wasters.

Think about hunkering down for a bit…..

Not to be glum, but consider a Covid-FWB. It might become impractical to go on a new date once a week. Hopefully, everything will be fine, but it’s best to be prepared in case of businesses shutting down.

Bottom Line…..

Prioritize quality people who are going to lift you up through this new year. Work on long-term goals and quick changes you want to implement. Think about switching up your lifestyle and work-life balance. Cut the fat for any men who are time wasters or men who you don’t even remember. Date locations and times might change again, a classic nighttime bar date might be impractical. Consider a FWB that you can spend quality time with instead of meeting strangers every week.