How To Get A Comedian Or Performer To Notice You

I am sure you have at least thought about what it would be like to date a performer. He could be a stand-up comedian, or in an improv troupe. You see him on stage, hear him being vulnerable, open, and most importantly, funny. You feel like you are sitting across from him on a date. Subconsciously, women like men who are perceived as popular since we want to pick the most valuable mate. Seeing people praising him and showering him with love makes us want to be a part of it. So, how do you crack the code to get this guy to notice you?…..

Balance is key…..

Being a fan girl puts him on a pedestal and shows your cards immediately, but trolling may be worse. No one wants to deal with the sarcastic girl. In your head you might think you sound smart and snarky, it comes across as try-hard.

Don’t be funny……

He doesn’t think you are being cute, stop trying to outwit him. It’s perfectly fine to be a normal human. Most famous comedians have very normal partners. They have to deal with the pressure of being funny all night; just be nice.

Don’t ask him to tell you a joke…..

It’s the only profession where people want proof on the spot that the person is funny. No one questions a dentist and demands an oral exam. He isn’t your little circus monkey for your entertainment; just ask when he is performing next.

He can use your words against you….

“Everything is copy” as Nora Ephron says. He can use your words and twist them into his tight five. If you say something weird or piss him off, he can put you on blast at his next open mic.

Comedians and performers respond to praise…..

All he wants is for people to like him. It’s very difficult to put yourself out there every night not knowing if people will boo you or be dead silent. Say he is funny and that you enjoyed the show, see if he wants to continue chatting. Have a quick exit strategy so you aren’t lingering. This tactic however, is your Hail Mary last resort. It is better for him to approach you or get introduced. If you decide to be brave, you are allowed to do this once; do not corner him after every show.

Look hot…..

Never show up wearing a gray tracksuit with no makeup. Look good, but not gaudy or showy. Wear a casual thing that doesn’t draw too much unwanted attention, but is still flattering. You don’t want to be a target for jokes.

Never sit in the front row…..

Comedy rookies will sit at the lip of the stage to watch the show. And then….crowd work happens and they get made fun of, then the heckling starts. Do yourself a favor and sit in the back or at the bar. Try your best not to move and walk out or anything during a set, you could be called out.

Resist showing too much support…..

There is a fine line in supporting the local arts to planting yourself at every show. Same thing for liking a bartender or barista; it seems weird and that you don’t have a life if you are always there. If you are invited (especially by him) then go of course, just be choosy on what shows you go to and how often.

Bottom Line……

The most common trait a women wants is a funny man. She will bypass attractiveness for a great personality; men not so much. For a comedian, he has no trouble meeting women in the real world; he might not even need to use the apps. If he is attractive and funny, then he is a double threat. Women probably throw themselves left and right at him on a nightly basis. Stop leading with masculine energy, even though it feels like the right setting. He does not want another funny buddy and to be challenged to a joke-off. The best case is he will approach you on his own or you will get introduced. You are allowed to start the conversation once and see if he wants to keep chatting. Be normal, look hot, and see if he takes the bait.