The Hometown Guy

Men are masters of compartmentalizing. Like Hugh Hefner, if he has the means, a man would have a girlfriend for any occasion. A “hometown girl” fits into that. In your head, you think he secretly loves you and will one day see you in a new light. Maybe if you wear the right outfit or lose those pesky ten pounds. The reality is he lives in the moment and is happy he has a girl to text while seeing his family. Should you indulge him?……

Get your agenda ironed out…..

It can be fun to have your hometown hook-up guy. You might not have friends around anymore and it’s better than sitting at home. Go with this plan, but don’t make him the main priority. Is he making the plans and texting without you reminding him you exist? With the apps, you can be in travel mode and meet some other guy to take you out.

Pick your friends and family over him…..

There are certain friends and family you only see once a year. Don’t waste your quality time on a guy who just wants to hook up

Put your phone away…..

On special occasions with family, enable your notifications on apps. You can put your phone on DND or airplane mode. Be present and in the moment with the people you are spending time with; actually talk to your niece or grandma. You waiting on a text and drinking your sorrows will be a wasted memory.

He will drop the ball…..

You are his last priority to hang out with. Don’t be shocked if he brushes you off with zero apology. You might have shifted your schedule around and gotten ready for him only to have him cancel or stand you up

If this has been a decade-long saga….

This could be your ex-boyfriend, or a guy who never took you on a real date. How long are you going to drag this out? He isn’t going to magically fall in love with you. Accept the fact he is using you out of boredom. Decide if blocking him is the better way to move on with your life. Again, if you view it as just a hook up, how easy breezy is it if you are analyzing texts and spending an hour straightening your hair?

An ex turned friend….

Will he hang out with you if he has a girlfriend or vice versa? A true friend likes hanging out with you, even if there is no gain for them

Bottom Line….

Stop jumping though hoops for your hometown crush. In general, you should never prioritize a guy over friends and family, mainly because he would never do that for you. It’s a very Hallmark Channel plot that we are fed over and over, yet more than likely, he just wants an option when he wants to hook up. A decade-long saga could be the reason you are single. Stop holding on to a guy who dumped you or never saw your value to take you on a real date. Be grateful for the people who actually love being a part of your life.