Building Your Network With the Apps

Believe it or not, there is no fine print in apps that force you to agree to only hook up. Yet, from time to time a guy will say, “It’s a dating app, you shouldn’t be here for friends!” The thing is, you can use apps however you want: for attention, for flirting practice, for going on dates, for hook ups, or for meeting new people. So, how can you use the apps to serve you and push your dating life to the next level?…..

Apps will help you meet new people….

Listen, the majority of dates you go on will not result in marital bliss. The most common date is the platonic neutral date. You aren’t trying to rip each others’ clothes off, but you don’t hate each other. Use this dynamic to your advantage. Think about expanding your network of friends and acquaintances. Don’t cut men off with whom you enjoyed your time, but had no romantic chemistry. A lot of networking for jobs and new opportunities comes from 2nd-and 3rd-tier friends.

Men don’t hate the friend zone as much as you think…..

I have met a few of my friends though apps that started as dates then evolved into friendships. Sure, there have been one or two that played the long game and got rejected. If he suggests being friends, then you are in business. Some men simply enjoy your company and want to keep it that way.

Your network results in boyfriends……

The best way to snag a boyfriend is through friends. You have a network of people who knows him and are watching him. This is why most men hate the friend set up. If they ghost, then there will be consequences and he can be seen as less trustworthy to the group.

Accept invitations to social events…..

If your new friend invites you to a social event, always go. You have no idea who you will hit it off with. Just be careful not to flirt with his entire friend group. Use the opportunity to mingle and get to know people.

Be open to dates and chill with your agenda…..

Go into dates thinking you will meet a new friend. It is not likely you will meet your next boyfriend though an app. It happens on occasion, but you are more likely to be used or ghosted. Set the expectations before you get ready for a new date. Live in the present and enjoy your time together.

Bottom Line….

Don’t let random guys on the apps push their sexual agenda on you. The apps are there for however you want to use them. Swipe, flirt, and don’t feel any pressure to please him. Let the apps work for you, not the other way around. Those lackluster dates could result in a beautiful friendship or an introduction to your next boyfriend. If you are enjoying your time but don’t feel chemistry, then ask where he is at. He might have thought the same thing and also wants to keep it platonic. Just don’t use a guy who is head over heels for you. Let him go and don’t string him along. Expanding your network gives you more opportunities to meet more people that will take you more seriously.