Shot Girl Summer: How To Have A Shoot-Your-Shot Mindset Without Getting Shot Down

There has been a lot of buzz about “shot girl summer.” Girls are waxed and vaxxed and ready to hit the bars. The mindset is great to have, especially if you spent last summer in your blanket cocoon on your couch. However, in practice, it might not pan out in your favor if you don’t play it right. You could get a swift stab of rejection that you did not anticipate, resulting you downing your shot of tequila then tearing up in the bathroom. How do you have the shot girl mindset without the risk of being shot down?….

The message is the best takeaway…

Shot girl summer is basically about putting yourself out there and taking risks. This in itself is a good perspective and encourages you to have fun and gain new experiences. It should mean saying yes to plans, parties, cookouts, meeting as many new people as possible, and not getting caught up in the seriousness of dating

Shot girl is masculine

In your masculine, you will saunter up to that guy and ask for his number. His reaction could range from being interested in hooking up for the night to mildly declining. However, worst case, he embarrasses you in front of everyone by asking if your cute friend is single.

How can shot girl be feminine?….

Shot girl summer puts pressure on a woman to have to spend 2 hours getting ready, then having to do all the heavy lifting once she gets to the bar. You honestly should only have to show up and look good and let the guys do the work.

Get your friends on board….

Hang out with the friends who are going to lift you up and introduce you to people. Do the same for your friends. You might host a party where singles drink out of green solo cups and coupled-up people drink out of red solo cups.

Get yourself a pool / beach buddy….

Befriend someone who has an apartment pool or go to the beach with a friend. The pool / beach is the place to show off in a feminine way. Wear your most flattering bikini, open a cooler full of drinks, and the boys will swoop in.

Bottom Line…..

The message of being brave and putting caution to the wind is a good jumping-off point. In practice, it might not materialize into the perfect rom-com moment. Getting rejected can sting for a long time and might smother your hot flame. It’s best to gain social intelligence and play to your feminine strengths rather than diving head first with masculine energy. However, if it’s extremely important for you to make the first move and ask guys for their number, then go for it! If it makes you feel empowered, then by all means try it. If you just want to dip your toe in, then a good approach is to create social scenarios that will result in you getting introduced and meeting new people.