Meeting His Friends

Meeting his friends can happen in an exclusive relationship and even in casual. Either way, it is a test to see if you could possibly fit into his world. Unfortunately, you might not get a formal warning that you will meet a friend or two. Like a health inspector, the situation will happen when you least expect it. It’s best to be mentally prepared and on your toes for when it pops up…..

Running into a friend while out….

This is the first level of meeting a friend: running into one while out in public. Your instincts might be to hang back, let them chat for a minute, and check your phone. If he doesn’t introduce you, then do it yourself. Acknowledge the awkwardness and smile and say your name.

A friend unexpectedly shows up…..

Talk to the friend and acknowledge they are there. Be engaged and ask questions. This person needs to see you as bubbly and friendly. You don’t know if this is the best friend or bar friend, either way, act alive and be awake.

Keep it light….

When you do chat with a friend, keep it surface-level. Introverts have a hard time with small talk. They would rather talk about trauma and their biggest fears to a stranger than discussing the weather patterns. If you have an issue with light chitchat, look up stock questions and have a mini-script.

If you meet a whole group, you will have to work harder….

This is a tough situation…. who do you talk to? Your boyfriend or casual guy will not help you out. He is seeing how well you adapt in a social setting and how you vibe naturally. There might be multiple conversations happening at once. Talk to the person closest to you for several minutes, then float around. Even if the conversation isn’t riveting, he needs to see you engaging.

Don’t cling to your boyfriend…..

It’s tempting to hide behind your man like a child hiding behind their mom’s leg at the grocery store. You might physically cling to him. Don’t do this. You’ll look insecure and it might seem alarming to him that you can’t talk to a stranger.

Don’t ask to leave early….

Nothing is worse than saying, “Hey babe, can we leave?” (Never ride together–have your own transportation in any social setting). Either way, you saying you are sick with a headache won’t win you brownie points. Stick it out and show him you can hang.

Do something impressive….

If you are in a big group, it’s hard to stand out. Our social lives will soon be opening up. More and more people will want to do fun activities. Do something brave: sing karaoke, be the first on the dance floor, nail it at trivia.

Make sure everyone knows your name….

Nothing is worse than meeting a guy multiple times and he saying, “Hi! I’m Mark, it’s nice to meet you!”…. (Yes, Mark, we have met many, many times!) This is why you need to make a point to introduce yourself to as many people as you can. Also…if your name is complicated or hard to pronounce or remember, consider going by a nickname or middle name.

What if his friends aren’t party animals?….

It’s easier to party with the party friends. If his friends would rather play “Dungeons and Dragons,” it’s harder to stand out. (Plus all of them will be introverts). You might be off the hook if he would rather have the game night with his friends. You can suggest just meeting for dinner or drinks. However, if he does ask you to come over for game night, agree and make the most of it. It’s one evening and you will survive.

Why it’s important to win his friends over….

If done right, these people might make a casual situation to a committed one. His friends have so much influence over his decisions. If they aren’t feeling your “vibe,” it could cause him to fade you out.

Bottom Line…..

Meeting his friends should not be treated lightly. It is a setup to see if you can possibly be in his world. If you blow it by ignoring everyone and asking to leave early, then that’s on you. You need to get these people on your side. Be the bubbly girl who likes to have fun. You might be in a situation where you don’t shine. You have to adapt to the situation and make the most of it. As long as you are staying engaged with everyone, you will be golden.