What’s Your Number?

Giving your number to a guy should be thought out. A lot of the time it’s a regretful decision when he texts you too often, or not at all. I put guys into different categories and I direct them to the right stream of communication. ( “For casual press 1, for dating press 2”). Some men have no intention of using your number. He loves to collect numbers to brag to his bros. It gets frustrating when you receive a text months later and he expects you to know who he is. He needs to earn a spot in your contact list….

Only give out your number to guys you really really like…..

These are high stakes guys. You have probably had a crush on this guy for a while. If you really like him, give him your number (if he asks). Just don’t save the number in your phone. I like to do a cheat sheet in my notes and have half the number so I can recognize it. Not everyone needs to do this. I have no self- control when I like a guy; I will reach out for no reason, too often. Try to prevent yourself from giving out social media. It’s too tempting to send a DM late at night or to orbit him. If he asks for Snapchat, understand that he probably just wants casual.

What form of communication means it’s more serious?….

The good old-fashioned text message. I mean, if he is calling you, then congrats. If he is weaving though social media or keeping it in Tinder, it’s not good. A guy who has your number saved and only uses that form of communication views you as dating potential.

Did he actually ask for your number?….

As a rule of thumb, I advise to never ask for his number or to give yours out. He needs to make the step to ask. There are some guys who are on Tinder and their first message is saying, “heyyyy,” and giving out their number. If he just gives out his number, do not take it seriously. He needs to chat for a bit, suggest hanging out, then ask for your number.

If he is already asking you sexual questions….

If he comes in hot with the sexual energy, then he will just ask for Snapchat. It’s up to you if you want to take him seriously. You can always direct him to Snapchat.

If he doesn’t ask for follow up ways to contact you….

If you are going on a date and you are still chatting in Tinder, then beware. He intentionally did not ask for follow up ways to contact you. He can always blame the app for being buggy or that he doesn’t check it that often.

You aren’t required to give out your number to whoever asks…..

There are guys who collect numbers. You will hear from them months later and have to recall who they are. If a guy in person asks you for a number at a bar, this is probably his move. Trust your gut and give it out to guys you actually see dating potential.

Bottom Line…..

Getting into your contact list should be difficult. You don’t know if this guy will text you morning, noon, and night, or not at all. Only let a guy you really like have your number. You can keep a cheat sheet in your notes so you aren’t tempted to reach out. You might be in a situation where your friends are too encouraging for you to make a move. If you are feeling a casual vibe from a guy, you can direct him to Snapchat and decide where to go from there. A guy who sees you as dating material will use your number to communicate.