New Year, New Look

Lately, I have seen the importance of dressing up. Even if you are running errands or grocery shopping, you should put in that extra ten minutes to look good. You would be shocked by what people notice about us and how we are treated because of it. When we choose to dress ourselves, brush our hair, and wear makeup, it is showing the world that we respect ourselves. Usually, when appearance is stepped up, a promotion at work is on the table and suddenly there are more dates on the calendar. Like attracts like; dress for the life you want….

You don’t have to spend a fortune on makeup and clothes….

I often shop at thrift stores for clothes. It’s wild how expensive new clothes are. On top of that, shopping at thrift stores practices sustainability. A great thing to do with your girlfriends is a clothing swap. Bring clothes that you are tired of, but still cute, and do a trade. As far as makeup goes, I like the cheaper options. I don’t think every makeup item should be high-end, especially since most makeup goes bad after a few months. Don’t be tempted to spend your whole paycheck on makeup and skincare at Sephora.

Has your taste in clothing changed?…..

There are many styles of clothing and trends out there. Maybe one year you hopped on too many trends and then regretted it a year later. Ninety-percent of trends only look good on 6’1″ models. Really go though your closet and decide what fits well, and what is the most flattering for your body type.

Take quizzes online…..

If you are clueless about what you should be buying or even your preferred taste, then take a few quizzes. First take a quiz about your body type. That will tell you what cuts and silhouettes look best and what to avoid. Second, take a quiz about your overall preference on style. Maybe you like more of an edgy look, or more girly. Make sure to have a feminine twist to the style. Stay away from super masculine or unisex clothes. And lastly, take a quiz on your coloring. You will figure out your most flattering palate for your skin tone. Make a few Pinterest boards for reference and you will be good to go.

Fear of looking good…..

I have a trillion fashion phobias, but they all break down to fear of actually looking good. I feel super safe wearing leggings and a large hoodie. Most people say to a new outfit, “Oh, that’s too fancy–where would I wear it?” You have to accept that it’s ok to look slightly more dressed up than the people around you. Maybe you will get pushback from family and friends. This is why it’s best to improve your appearance in secret and to not broadcast it on social media.

Date Outfits…..

There is a science to a great date outfit. Men respond to a feminine look: heels, dresses, long hair. Pencil skirts, A-line dresses, V-necks, and a belt to cinch the waist are classic cuts of clothing that highlight a woman’s body. To attract a man’s attention your clothes should not look vulgar; you can turn more heads by wearing a curve-hugging dress. Certain colors make you appear more attractive. Red is a classic, but softer pastels look great, too. Types of fabric can add luxury to a simple outfit, such as silk, cashmere, and suede.

Baby Steps…..

In my fantasy, I redo my entire wardrobe from scratch. However, that’s not realistic. There are a few transitions to get to dressing better.

1.Get a full-length mirror- You might be sneaking out of the house without glancing at a mirror. When you have a full-length mirror you can see your outfit from head to toe.

2. Get better lighting in your bathroom or wherever you get dressed- I recently bought LED bright light bulbs. What a world of difference! I can actually see when I put on makeup and notice if I have any slight imperfections on my clothes.

3. Don’t donate all at once- There needs to be a bag in your room where clothing is on the chopping block. Don’t just immediately toss them or donate. You might have been in a bad mood that day and taking it out on your clothes. Give them a second chance and really evaluate if it’s unflattering.

4. Seek outside help- Maybe you have a super-fashionable friend. Ask for his/her honest opinion when you are trying on clothes. You can invite them over for a fashion party and make an evening out of it.

5. Go to the professionals- There are certain stores that have personal shoppers or stylists. The only downside is some stylists are working on commission and need to make a big sale. Trust your gut if they are only handing you the most expensive items.

Bottom Line…..

Clothes can make you invisible or make you stand out. Black, gray, and other muted clothes will make you fade into the background. It does take some inner work to actually want to look attractive. Your inner voice might be screaming, “You are way too fancy! Everyone will think you are trying too hard!” Our ego loves to cradle us and keep from changing, even for the better. You don’t need to go from zero to one hundred. Take steps to improve your current closet, then begin to buy new flattering outfits. Seek professional advice, take online quizzes, and get into the frame of mind that you deserve to look good and receive attention.