Confirming The Date

Dates are way more casual, especially app dating. Plans that are a week in advance are now forgotten. Waking up the day of the date, you are wondering if you are still going on it. Usually it is just a vague plan with no time or place. It gets confusing and stressful to know if you should wash your hair or not. There is always a debate of who should reach out to whom…..

Do you confirm the date, or wait for him to reach out?….

If you have been looking forward to the date and you really want it to work out, then wait for him to contact you. You don’t want to start a relationship where you seem super eager. Confirming implies that you were looking forward to it more than he. It sets you up for him knowing too quickly where you stand. He won’t feel the need to work to see you.

How long should you wait?….

If you haven’t heard from him by noon, that’s the first red flag. Maybe he is getting off work at five, but that seems too late to confirm plans. If you don’t have a time and place and you didn’t confirm the night before, you probably don’t have a date. Men will like to wiggle out of plans if he started talking to a new girl right after you. So, he might be subtly telling you that the date is canceled.

Should you have a back-up date?….

It’s better to have a back-up plan that doesn’t involve another date. If you go on the replacement date, your mood will be off. You will be holding onto resentment from the first date who flacked. Have a backup plan that you can do solo. I do encourage you to still go out and not mope at home.

He should be keeping up with you in-between dates…

It’s a really bad sign if he doesn’t check in at least once. If you are getting radio silence assume the worst.

Don’t accept dates the night of or day before….

If it’s a last minute date, something fell though. He is using you as a replacement date. The date should be planned out three days in advance.

Bottom Line…..

Not knowing if you have a date or not can get frustrating. Casual daters are hesitant to fully confirm plans because something better might come up. We live in a world of instant gratification and have a fear of missing out on a better thing. A lot of the time a man will purposely not confirm a date to get out of it. So you following up will lead to rejection. If you are playing it safe, it’s best to stay silent until he confirms with you. Noon is a good time to expect a text. When 3pm hits have another plan for the evening. You have to be strict about this because he can turn out to be a time waster by constantly rescheduling. Simply tell him, “I didn’t hear from you, so I made other plans.” This shows that you are busy and don’t have time to wait around. Don’t just stay home because he was a jerk. Go out, have fun.