Everyone Has a Type: Body Acceptance

As an early bloomer, I was wearing a C-cup bra by the third grade. I would wear three sports bras to make myself look flat-chested like everyone else. I was always ashamed of my naturally curvy body. Growing up in the early 2000s, I had to deal with low-rise jeans which only looks good if you have jutting hip bones. Nowadays, I am seeing plus-sized women on the cover of Vogue! Not to mention there is now a plus-sized Barbie.

Don’t try to fit into a mold….

In college I was at my skinniest (size 2). I got praise from some, but I noticed I had to reintroduce myself over and over to the same people. I fit into the mold of skinny blonde, but I wasn’t memorable.

The world is more accepting of curvy bodies these days…

It’s wild how accepting the world is now to curvy women. Not saying that things are perfect by any means. There is still fat phobia and all the negativity that comes with that. Plus sized models are walking the runway at Fashion Week, not just in a Lane Bryant catalogue. Ashley Graham is my favorite. She is a woman on a mission for body-positivity and she has made a huge impact.

A man’s type will surprise you…

It’s probably not what the media wants us to think. Fashion, television, and advertising has its view of beauty. Yet, real people have a type they are attracted to based on past experience.

So what does that mean?…

Basically, we have had our ideal physical type in our brain since childhood. It’s based on our primary caregivers. So, it’s not a personal attack if he prefers blondes over redheads.

Confidence will always trump looks…

Confidence doesn’t have to be loud. You can have a quiet confidence and just be comfortable in your own skin.

Bottom Line…..

Hating your body and trying to fight it will be an endless battle. The important thing is being healthy and comfortable in your own skin. Even at my skinniest I still hated myself and didn’t view myself as beautiful. No woman is 100 percent happy with her body. She might think she is too skinny and wants curves. It’s the same thing with hair. Curly-haired women want it to be straight and straight-haired women want it to be curly. Age does come with confidence. If you feel good and are happy with your body don’t let people dim your light. It’s a red flag if a guy continues to ask you to diet and wants you to change your appearance. Never try to mold yourself into his type. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of beauty.