The Romance Of Scent

Memory is attached to our sense of smell. When I get a whiff of Axe body spray, I am reminded of my high school boyfriend. It’s powerful and can leave a huge impact. I have heard of men spraying his girlfriend’s perfume on his pillow when she is out of town. Romance and scent go hand in hand and it’s never a bad idea to be memorable….

Scent is broken down into categories….

I used to work in the fragrance department at Macy’s. I learned that scents are put into different categories, called “notes” : Fresh, sweet, woody, floral, and oriental. So, that’s a good place to start to see what type you prefer.

What is a signature scent?….

A signature scent is a fragrance you wear all the time, for years even. It might be the only perfume you have in your bathroom. This is what is going to make your scent more memorable instead of switching scents every day. If you find a perfume you adore wear it!

Perfumes can be seasonal….

It’s not a requirement that you have a signature scent. If you choose, you can change it up every season. In the fall / wintertime, it’s nice to wear deeper scents such as ones that have oriental or woody notes. In the spring /summer, wearing lighter airier scent seems more appropriate.

Your taste can change….

I used to love vanilla and super-sweet scents. This made total sense because I was young. There is such as thing as a young scent and a more mature scent. Nowadays, I really love a very clean “just showered” fragrance. Sometimes changing a scent can switch up your mindset or identity

Your sister or friend’s perfume might smell different on you….

Each person has a unique natural scent. Certain perfumes will smell different on each person.

There are certain points on the body to spray...

Once it hits these points, the fragrance lasts longer. These points include : The wrists, the inside of the arm, the neck, and the back of the knee. I would probably avoid the wrists since you will be washing it away with soap throughout the day. If the scent is super strong, then spray it in the air, wait a moment then walk though.

Perfume is a romantic gift….

If a man gives you perfume as a gift, it can be great. When you wear it you will think of him. Hopefully, he bought you something nice and not a body spray from Walmart. The downside is if you break up and you still have the perfume and it wasn’t cheap. In this case, I would re-gift it to a friend or sister.

Bottom Line…..

Choosing the right scent depends on your preference and your natural body chemistry. I actually just bought a perfume from TJ Max for only $12 back in December . Yet I couldn’t test it out. As long as you know the notes and what type of perfume you want you can be more confident buying it online. You don’t have to commit to a perfume for the rest of your life. But if you are obsessed with a certain fragrance, then why not? If you are less committal then changing up your scent seasonally is a great idea.