Masculine And Feminine Energy

Every person, male or female, possesses both masculine and feminine energy. Nowadays, women run companies and solve daily dilemmas which result in being in the masculine much of the time. As far as dating goes, it results in women staying in the masculine role and trying to steer the relationship and leaning forward. A masculine man by nature wants to hunt for his prey, so when a woman is doing all the work, he becomes lazy and resorts to being in his feminine energy. Power dynamics are very important in sustaining a relationship. Deep down, women want a man who works hard to keep the relationship afloat. Check out the channel “Commitment Connection” on YouTube, there are so many videos on this topic.

What is feminine energy really?….

When you receive, wait, and experience the moment, that is feminine energy. Trying to move things along by texting, asking him out, etc, are in your masculine energy. Expressing how you are feeling in the moment, responding, and appreciating are feminine. Being future-centric and complaining about the past are masculine. Staying in the present moment and going with the flow is feminine.

What language are you using when you speak to him….

Constantly complaining or bragging is not sexy to him. He is not impressed by how much money you make, unless, of course, he is trying to use you as a sugar mama. You can’t be talking about the same things you would discuss with your friends or co-workers. Everything needs to seem light. Trust that he can carry a conversation and be ok with a few silences.

Are you super sarcastic and snarky?….

Are your “jokes” not landing? Flirting is not making fun of him. Also, being self-deprecating doesn’t work as well as you think. You can be humble without making yourself sound incompetent.

Why so serious?….

Men want to feel good in the moment. In the early stages of dating laugh, create witty banter, talk about silly topics.

Even thinking and obsessing are masculine…..

You might think there is no harm in obsessing about a new guy and plotting and planning your next move. Even if you aren’t texting him and making moves, you are still energetically in masculine mode.

Passive reciprocation is the worst….

Again, when a woman is in her masculine energy mode, a man switches over to his feminine. It will not feel satisfying when he never reaches out, but will text back out of boredom. It gets frustrating when the relationship is always at a standstill.

This is why you need options….

It’s never a good idea to be laser-focused on one guy. Plus, if he decides to ghost, you will be devastated. It’s easier to go with the flow when you are talking to multiple men.

The “girlfriend material” thought includes a feminine woman…..

If you are constantly in your masculine, then he is more likely to keep you as a sexual option, yet never take you on dates. Being “one of the boys” results in you being stuck in the friend zone.

Bottom Line….

Nowadays, feminine energy is not taught or encouraged. It might be seen as weak or not in touch with today’s climate and society, but being in feminine energy is extremely powerful. Just because it isn’t loud, doesn’t mean there isn’t a quiet confidence. Personally, I struggle with being in my feminine; I actually enjoy the chase and winning a guy over. It’s something that requires intention and fighting against certain instincts. Practicing feminine energy is taking a step back and receiving rather than pursuing.