Burn Out

In the fast-App world, dating burnout happens all the time to me. The standard advice is to take a breather and limit the dates you went on. But how do we prevent ourselves from running into the ground and “over-dating”?…..

So what can we do instead?…

After having a period of matching with a ton of guys and really changing things up, you need to limit yourself. I think to prevent burnout and throwing your phone in the woods you need to pace yourself. Log out of the apps during the day, give yourself maybe two hours in the evening to message, then log out again.

Only let the guys you actually like have your phone number or Snapchat….

Most guys will immediately want your snapchat to see pics of your boobs. Don’t give that info to that type of guy. His motives will be known immediately. Some men do use the sneak attack method and ask about your family, then boom! Start asking you sexual questions. Try to hold off on giving the contact info until you have built a trust.

Most men will claim you are boring or wasting their time…

“Why are you on Tinder anyway?” Yea… these guys suck so much. Tinder isn’t “Girls Gone Wild” and it’s not written in the terms of agreement that you have to send nudes.

If you need to take a full break then do it…

I wouldn’t go so far as deleting the apps, but you totally can. I think it’s totally fine to at least be logged out for a few days.

Limit yourself to one app at a time….

To prevent being completely overwhelmed, just stick to one App. I advise using Hinge instead of Tinder since there are less thirsty men.

Bottom Line…

It may seem silly to put a limit on messaging people back, but it does take a lot out of you. Mainly, it’s about respectful communication. Protect your energy, especially mental energy.