The Casual Breakup

These types of breakups can be extremely draining and hard to express how you really feel about it. You are supposed to not care about this guy, yet you still feel hurt. What can you do to heal from a causal breakup?….

Remind yourself it’s not personal…

People are focusing on the core people in their life……

Talk it out….

Even just saying how you feel out loud can start the healing process. I actually like talking in my car while driving. A journal is totally fine to use as well.

You still should go no contact….

It’s just a better idea to delete his number (unfriend on Snapchat) and unfollow on social media. You don’t need to see his Instagram stories or his Instagram Live of him trying stand-up comedy for the first time.

You can say your piece….

If you get the opportunity to confront and to express that you are upset then do it. You get one situation (not seven) to tell him how you feel. Mainly just to make him aware of his behavior or confirm it’s over.

Let it go….

These types of arrangements are only meant to last a few months anyway. Keep it mind that it’s just time to let go. It’s totally normal to take a beat and just reflect or take a step back. Just don’t do this for months.

Re-download Tinder….

Take some new selfies and write a new bio. Swipe away. Even though you aren’t meeting in person it still feels good to talk to new guys.

Talk to your friends but, not endlessly….

It’s harmless to mention it once or twice and move forward, but don’t hold your friends captive all day everyday.

Put your energy into more important things….

It will feel so much more rewarding to complete tasks you put off, or would never do in the first place.

You might not get all the answers….

Stop analyzing what went wrong or why things ended. Relationships that are “one note” have no room to grow. They are mainly placeholder relationships. It’s not worth the headache to have him explain what changed, etc. Timing to men is everything, usually he is looking for the exit sign anyway.

Bottom Line…..

The casual relationship is meant to be a simple arrangement, yet eventually it just needs to end. It can end in a dramatic way or just a quiet fade out. Don’t beat yourself up for not keeping the fire alive; you are meant to move forward. Decide if this type of relationship can work for you in the future. Be kind to yourself; its still a break up. There can be hard feelings or confusion the day after the break up. This is totally normal. Allow some healing time.