FaceTime Is The New First Date

Just had my first FaceTime date in the wake of the virus. It wasn’t technically a first date because we dated for a few months about a year and a half ago. He moved away and we kept in touch via Snapchat since then. But…I hadn’t spoken to him over FaceTime in maybe six months or more, so things were pretty fresh. Here is what I have learned to prepare for the phone call and what you should and should not do.

First, treat it like it’s an actual date….

I know it sounds silly, but act like you are going to meet in public. Brush your hair, put on makeup, and wear a decent (lowish cut) top.

Even before that, mentally prepare….

This can mean meditating for ten minutes or having a glass of Merlot. Answering a call when you are in the middle of something and frazzled will start the call off on the wrong foot.

Location, location….

I found that the best place to go for the call is in your car. If you have a car phone holder then that’s perfect. (Not while driving, stay in your driveway). You won’t have a weird unflattering double chin and your arm wouldn’t get tired from holding up the phone.

Keep it light…

It’s normal to talk about the pandemic and you should. Just try to overall have the conversation be light, this isn’t a call with your therapist.

Flirt, but don’t take it too far…

You should still be flirty and fun, but not overtly sexual. The point of the call shouldn’t be him convincing you to take your top off. How would you react if he asked you that on a date in public.

Keep it to an hour to two hour limit…

Even if you are having a wonderful time you still need to wrap up the chat eventually. I know that you are both bored, but treat it how you would treat a regular date. Marathon dates kill the mystery and usually end up being a one-time thing.

See if by the end he asks to keep in touch or call again….

It’s the same as if he asks you out on a second date in real life. Say you had a great time chatting and see what he says.

Bottom Line….

I was super nervous about the FaceTime date. I, like every other Millennial and Gen Z kid, fear the phone. You worry that you will run out of things to say, or it will be super awkward. Let the conversation flow and your vibe to shine though. This is why it’s important to have a pre-date to get you in a more positive mood. Resist answering the phone with your hair in a messy bun and a bare face. Most important keep it light! This is supposed to be a beautiful distraction and an attempt to make a pure connection.