Self Care and Self Love Checklist

It is always a good time to practice self-care and to get back into activities that we kept putting off. Who knows? It might jumpstart us on a different path we never expected. Below is a list to keep our emotional and mental health in check….

Self care check list….

Take a bath – a long bath once a week is a great and cheap way to unwind. Listen to music, turn your phone on silent, and light candles.

Do yoga – It’s nice to make it to a class, but you can also do it on YouTube. Still nice to light some incense and pull out a towel or a yoga mat.

Watch a comedy special – Laughter is great for your immune system.

Unfollow or mute toxic accounts on Instagram– If it makes you feel a certain way, it’s not worth looking at.

Start writing – Journal or maybe dust off that old screen play.

Play an instrument – If you are a musical person, it’s good to keep up the habit of playing an instrument, even if you are only performing for yourself.

Go for a walk – Getting fresh air and sunshine is the best. Go on a walk around your neighborhood or a nearby trail.

Listen to a podcast– It feels like you apart of the conversation and can give you some great perspective.

Share a talent with the virtual community – If you are amazing at doing makeup, go on Instagram live and give a tutorial. Showcase your talents in the comfort of your home.

Have boundaries for yourself and others…

Yes, sometimes we push ourselves too hard – Listen to what your body needs. Allow yourself time to relax and don’t view your natural needs as laziness.

Stop beating yourself up for past mistakes

Yes, it’s easy to go down a rabbit hole of that dumb thing you said back in middle school. It serves you in no way to keep punishing yourself for your past. In that same vein, let go of your recent past – Don’t have a another bad day because yesterday was terrible.

Bottom Line…

Happiness comes from within. Don’t let a person affect your mood and how you see yourself. It’s perfectly normal to be upset if someone purposely makes you feel bad. However, most of time you are projecting your own feelings and meaning on a person. Treat yourself to something everyday. It doesn’t have to be expensive or lavish or have too many calories. Taking the time to paint your nails while listening to your favorite song is self-care. When you put yourself first you are actually a more helpful person to others. Stay away from the 24 news feed. Your mind is not meant to process constant bad news. Allow yourself to check once a day, then the rest of the day watch lighter conten