Tinder Profile Reboot

I wanted to break down the basics and the common pitfalls that women ( and men) fall into. Most guys are swiping in nano seconds, this is why a good first photo really makes a difference between a left swipe and a right one….

How many photos do you need?….

  1. You need about four to five photos – Having just one photo is extremely suspicious, “Is this a fake profile?, plus it’s way too limiting, you need to be telling a story.
  2. The first photo is your main photo – It’s what everyone sees and it’s the photo that you will be judged the most on. This photo should always be a close up. I say you should have light makeup on. Don’t completely face tune your face. They need to recognize it is you. Even if you get a new hair cut or color I would recommend updating your photos.
  3. You should always have a full length photo or two – You need to show your body. NEVER a good idea to hide behind headshots. Ask a friend to take a photo of you or do a full length mirror selfie.
  4. Travel photos are always great to have -Do you have a photo of you outside the Eiffel Tower from your Paris trip last year use it! It’s a great conversation starter and shows you are well-cultured.
  5. Capture you doing something you love – Maybe you love dancing, or you have the cutest puppy. It will show an aura of happiness.

What are some photo fails?….

  1. Group photos – Do you really want a photo with your prettier friend and have a man compare?
  2. Sunglasses – I think you can get away with one shot at the beach. It can look cute, don’t use every photo to hide your face
  3. Outdated photos – I have said it before, but I think it needs to be said again. Show them the current you. It does you no favors to show up 20 pounds heavier and ten years older.
  4. Car Selfies– I think selfies aren’t bad to have, but just think of the location of the selfie. I feel the impression I get from a car selfie is that person is pretty reckless and the shot is usually pretty boring.
  5. Bad Selfies – Speaking of selfies, make sure it’s a good angle and good lighting. You don’t want the alien head or the double chin look. I would practice by yourself for a little while until you get the best one. Bathroom mirror selfies can be ok if it’s done right. Just make sure there isn’t anything weird in the background.
  6. Too many thirst traps – Half naked shots will only attract fuck boys.

What about the bio?….

With tinder, the bio isn’t too important, however I think it’s still a good idea to say something fun. Treat it like a short headline to advertise yourself. Think of what is unique about you. It should be one sentence and be a conversation starter or a call to action.

What are examples of a bad bio?….

  1. A list of what you don’t want. – “I don’t want hook ups or guys under 6 feet.” Keep that to yourself.
  2. Any sort of negativity. – Stop airing your past baggage and explaining why you are on tinder.
  3. Acting too cool for tinder. – “ I don’t know why I am here, might delete soon.” Stop wasting our time
  4. Bad quotes or those fake “reviews”. – The review thing is like “ The hottest girl in town – people magazine”. If you see a weird trend don’t copy it. Try to be unique. Trying to appeal to everyone means you appeal to no one. Bad quotes that are too serious or from a movie or a tv show are silly.
  5. Leaving the bio blank. – Pics are the most important and the bio isn’t read too often. However, it just shows laziness and a lack of creativity. Plus your matches have nothing to go off of besides , “how are you?”
  6. Having your Snapchat handle or Instagram handle. – This might seen like a good idea. But it can be used by guys you didn’t match with to contact you. Do you want that?

Bottom Line…

That’s the basics to upgrade your tinder profile. Keep in mind to be your authentic self and be unique. The goal is to match with men who appeal to you rather than every random guy in town. Your profile should always be evolving and changing as you go. I like to upgrade my bio every couple months and switch out the photos when I feel my appearance has changed. Sometimes it’s nice to do a total refresh by deleting the app for a little bit then completely changing your profile. However, don’t do this too often because tinder may lock you out of the account after a while. Hopefully these basic changes will help get more right swipes. Remember it’s quality connections over a million matches.